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Asiri Hospital
Environmental & Social Review Summary

This Environmental and Social Review Summary is prepared and distributed in advance of the IFC Board of Directors’ consideration of the proposed transaction. Its purpose is to enhance the transparency of IFC’s activities, and this document should not be construed as presuming the outcome of the Board of Director’s decision. Board dates are estimates only.
Any documentation which is attached to this Environmental and Social Review Summary has been prepared by the project sponsor and authorization has been given for public release. IFC has reviewed this documentation and considers that it is of adequate quality to be released to the public but does not endorse the content.
Project number 28555
Sri Lanka(IDA)
RegionSouth Asia
SectorHospitals and Clinics
Environmental category:B
Date ESRS disclosedFebruary 16, 2010
Previous EventsInvested: July 21, 2011
Signed: June 17, 2010
Approved: June 15, 2010
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Overview of IFC's scope of review
The review of this project consisted of appraising technical, environmental and social information submitted by the project Company including a review of: relevant Consents/Permits for construction of Central Hospital; water quality; procedures in case of fire; and Human Resource Policies.

The appraisal team interviewed the Asiri Central/Central Hospital Operations Director, Group Maintenance Engineer, Group Fire Consultant, Group HR Director and Asiri Central/Central Hospital HR Manager, Group Director of Administration, Medical Director for Asiri Central/Central Hospital.

Further, the appraisal included site visits to the Asiri Surgical Hospital, Asiri Central Hospital (to close by end May 2010) and the new Central Hospital, currently at the final stages of construction/fitting out. All hospitals visited were in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Project description
The Project is to expand and transfer the operations of an existing 100-bed Asiri Central Hospitals Plc (ACHL) to a new 262 bed purpose built facility that will be owned by a newly created subsidiary, Central Hospital (Pvt) Limited (CHL). The new facility is due to open on 1st March and Asiri Central Hospital will close within 3 months from the opening of Central Hospital.
The project involves: operation of four hospitals in Colombo and one in Matara, about 100 miles from Colombo, as well as a network of approximately 300 diagnostic centres around the country. Further, it involves the commissioning of the new Central Hospital, transfer and expansion of operations from the Asiri Central Hospital to the Central Hospital and closure of the Asiri Central Hospital.
The new hospital is expected to be the flagship hospital for Asiri Group. CHL will be a modern facility with 12 operating theatres (versus three at ACHL) and new state of the art equipment. The hospital will have specialized facilities for obstetrics and gynecological services and a neuro surgical complex, to meet the high demand currently seen in the Asiri Group. Immediate capacity for the neuro surgical department would be transferred from Asiri Surgical Hospital (ASHL) and neuro patients of the other Asiri hospitals will be referred to CHL.

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