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Summary of Project Information (SPI)

This Summary of Project Information is prepared and distributed to the public in advance of the IFC Board of Directors’ consideration of the proposed transaction. Its purpose is to enhance the transparency of IFC’s activities, and this document should not be construed as presuming the outcome of the Board decision. Board dates are estimates only.
Project number21594
Project nameCrompton Greaves Ltd.
SectorElectrical Machinery, Equipment and Components (Electric Lighting, Motors, Batteries, Insulated Wires and Cables, Fiber Optic Cable, Carbon and Graphite Products, etc.)
Environmental categoryB
Date SPI disclosedNovember 24, 2003
Projected board dateDecember 29, 2003
Previous EventsInvested: April 8, 2005
Signed: June 30, 2004
Approved: March 12, 2004

Description of company and purpose of project
Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL; the company; or BSE: 500093) is the flagship company in the BM Thapar Group, and is one of the largest players in India in the electrical equipment and engineering industry. CGL makes a wide range of transformers, switchgear, motors, lighting products, fans, railway-signaling equipment, and undertakes turnkey engineering projects. CGL’s business operations are organized into four Strategic Business Groups (SBGs) namely power systems, industrial systems, consumer products, and digital (networking and telecommunication). The net turnover of the company in FY03 was $328 million equivalent.

The company has requested IFC to provide a corporate loan of up to $25 million in support of its ongoing financial and operational restructuring efforts. The proposed corporate investment and debt restructuring program would enable CGL to further cut costs and enhance the competitiveness of its products in both domestic and international markets and increase the average maturity of CGL’s debt. The project is supported by a strong management team. CGL will also benefit from its extensive marketing and distribution network and an established premier brand name in India.

Project sponsor and major shareholders of project company

The current promoter holding is with the Thapar Group (among India’s top industrial houses) and the company forms part of the BM Thapar Group, which presently owns and controls:

- Solaris Chemtech Ltd;
- Crompton Greaves Ltd;
- Greaves Ltd; and
- English Indian Clays Ltd.

At March 31, 2003, BM Thapar Group owned 38.7% of CGL while Penbryn International Ltd. held 13.7%. Non promoters including institutional investors, corporate bodies, mutual funds etc held 31.7%, while the remaining 15.9% was held by the general public.

Total project cost and proposed IFC investment
The total project cost is estimated at $50 million equivalent. The proposed IFC investment is up to $25 million A Loan for IFC’s own account.

Location of project and description of site
CGL has 21 plants in 16 operational facilities across 10 locations, which are Mumbai, Malanpur, Mandideep, Nasik, Auragabad, Goa, Pitampur, Baroda, Ahmednagar and Bangalore. In addition, the EPD (turnkey projects divisions) and Luminaries (trading) divisions are based in Chennai and Mumbai respectively.

Project Development Impact and IFC's Role
The project will help one of the largest players in India in the electrical equipment and engineering industry to continue its financial and operational restructuring. This comprehensive modernization program will help CGL focus on those areas of business where it is most competitive, and also expand its export operations. Parts of the Company that are not strategic or competitive are being sold to other companies that can better utilize them. Other development impacts would include:

Local Development:
CGL is moving its operations from high costs areas (e.g., Mumbai) to low cost less developed areas. The manufacturing operations will help local economies not only through employment but also through the consumption of privately contracted specialty services, operations and maintenance assistance etc.

Benefits to Employees:
The project will ensure continued employment for several thousand people, despite rationalization in Mumbai, as well as generate new jobs in low income areas. Formal training, an important benefit to employees, combined with the on-job work experience, will allow workers to increase their skills and improve their earning potential.

IFC’s role in this project is manifold. IFC would provide access to much needed long-term capital to assist CGL in implementing the ongoing modernization and restructuring, and in refinancing the company’s high-cost maturing debt, as other sources of long-term financing are generally not available to CGL in the current market scenario. IFC presence would support the turnaround strategy. This would help the company obtain a favorable credit rating in due course and enable it to access the Indian bond market for long-term funds on a sustainable basis in the future. IFC financing would help CGL build the Crompton Greaves brand in the international market in line with its strategy of increased focus on export. IFC will also have a strong role in helping CGL attain global standards in environmental and social issues and corporate governance.

Environmental and social issues - Category B
This is a category B project according to IFC's procedure for environmental and social review of projects. Potential environmental, social and health and safety issues which were examined during appraisal, included: air and wastewater emissions; solid waste and hazardous materials handling; use of PCPs in transformers; fire and life safety; general worker health and safety; staff retrenchment; and, development and implementation of environmental and health and safety management systems to cover all group operations. Environmental and health and safety issues are appropriately addressed in all plants. Air and water emissions and solid wastes are properly handled and meet state requirements as well as IFC guidelines. CGL is in the process of ensuring that all plants become certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. CGL will be required to strengthen its corporate environmental and health and safety management systems to achieve consistency of approach across all operations.

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Location of environmental documents in locally affected community
State Central Library
Town Hall
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg,
Near Old Customs House,
Opp. Horniman Circle,
Fort, Mumbai 400 023

Office of the Chief Librarian
City Central Library,
South End Circle,
Bangalore 560 011

Office of the Collector
North Goa District
Panaji – Goa

Moulana Azad Central Library
Itwara Road

Smt. Hansa Mehta Library
MS University
Baroda 390 005

To contact the project company, please write to:
Mr. Sanjay Jain
General Manager – Business Strategy & Finance
Crompton Greaves Limited
CG House, 6th Floor
Dr. Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai 400 030
Phone: +91 (022) 2423 7777
Fax : +91 (022) 2438 2288

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